Zuni Pueblo Jewelry

About Zuni Pueblo Jewelry

Since early in the twentieth century, the Zuni Native American Indians have been crafting Zuni Pueblo Jewelry and other crafts as well. The Indians have mastered the art of stone cutting and feature the beautiful stones in many pieces of Zuni Pueblo Jewelry. The stones they cut are typically featured in simplistic silver pieces they have made. Zuni Pueblo Jewelry is exquisite and of excellent quality.

History of Zuni Pueblo Jewelry

Religious and traditional values are vitally important to this New Mexico Pueblo Indian Tribe. The values of the tribe are reflected into their art work and Zuni Pueblo Jewelry. The Zuni Pueblo Jewelry on the market today has become very popular to many people all around the world. The meaning of the Zuni Pueblo Jewelry pieces and the quality craftsmanship are two features of the Zuni Pueblo Jewelry.

In the northwestern part of New Mexico is a region known as, “The Four Corners”. This is because the area contains four different states, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah. Near the Arizona region is where you will find the Zuni Pueblo Native American Indian tribe. They are actually located in New Mexico. There, you will also find many Indian silversmiths who have long been creating silver pieces of Zuni Pueblo Jewelry to portray the cut stones that they have fashioned into exquisite pieces of art.

The Zuni Pueblo Tribe is well-known for having an extremely rich culture. They are known for their traditional practices of the years as well as their festivities and dancing. This is one of the reasons jewelry has always carried such a special meaning. Everything the Zuni’s do carries with it a very special meaning. The art of Zuni Pueblo Jewelry making is no exception. There are many varieties of Zuni Pueblo Jewelry available and the tribe manufactures it and sells it as well.

Some of the various Zuni Pueblo Jewelry available on the market today are different types of gold and silver Zuni Pueblo Jewelry pieces that are especially crafted by the Tribe’s Silversmiths. Other Zuni Pueblo Jewelry pieces are Inlay necklaces, Multi colored inlay necklaces, and Storm Design pendants. Other Zuni Pueblo Jewelry includes, bracelets and rings that are exquisite in the Zuni Pueblo Jewelry line. Many pieces of the Zuni Pueblo Jewelry line feature beautiful Zuni needlepoint jewelry as well.

Wearing the jewelry is a great honor to the Zuni Tribe. The deep rooted meaning of each piece should make you feel extra special when you display their artwork.

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