Zuni Inlay Jewelry

About Zuni Inlay Jewelry

Zuni inlay jewelry is a tradition that has been passed down from one generation to another. Specifically, they offer fine fetish jewelry that comes with a history that is as beautiful as the pieces themselves. Here is some history on Zuni inlay jewelry and how to find authentic Zuni jewelry.

History of Zuni Inlay Jewelry

To the Zuni, their Zuni inlay jewelry is part of the spirit world tradition. They believe that everything in life has a spirit and that life force require a fine balance. Animals in their jewelry are part of the shaman society. Their work is beautiful as the Zuni inlay jewelry displays each of those animals. The presence of animals is one way to spot authentic Zuni inlay jewelry. Here is the color scheme that is seen in their work.

  • North – Yellow
  • West – Blue
  • Below – Black
  • South – Red
  • Above – Multi-Colored
  • East – White

Another way to spot the authentic Zuni jewelry is the use of rough cuts in the stones that are used. These stones are hand cut rather than precise and the look is noticeable. That isn’t the only way to spot authentic Zuni inlay jewelry though. Look for less matrix work in the patterns that the stones are placed within the jewelry.

The Turquoise that is used in Zuni inlay jewelry is deeper in color and is seen to be more valuable than other tribal work. Their turquoise also has flicks of iron pyrite crystal within. Some pieces of Zuni inlay jewelry have very pronounced inclusions of this throughout. The turquoise though, is always rough looking and appears randomly placed in the settings of their Zuni inlay jewelry.

Many of the Zuni have simple symbols that mark the Zuni inlay jewelry on the metal. It is engraved into the silver or gold. Others use their initials. Some Zuni inlay jewelry is mistaken for dirty silver, when they are actually gold that needs to be cleaned up. The value for Zuni inlay jewelry can be very high obviously, with such fine work and rare stones, but all of the Zuni inlay jewelry looks handmade. That is one way to tell if it is authentic.

When a rare and authentic Zuni inlay jewelry is found, most people know that it is a treasure that is valuable and increases in value each year after the purchase. Like money in the bank, Zuni jewelry is a wise investment that will retains its value over the years. Most pieces of Zuni inlay jewelry are lovely and can include the rare and beautiful fetish animals. When Zuni inlay jewelry is worn it is said to pay homage to the animal spirit for which it honors.

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